Our students have endured many challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, including but not limited to learning loss, upheaval, and ongoing trauma. As we approach the 2021-2022 school year, many schools have begun to craft and implement comprehensive recovery plans that support students’ academic, social, and emotional well-being.  The MTSS framework, designed as a process built […]

The MTSS framework uses data to match academic, social-emotional, and behavioral assessment and support to each and every student’s needs and provides the guideposts to ensure your school allocates instructional and intervention resources where they are most needed. A structured MTSS program aligns with OSSE’s requirements that schools’ Continuous Learning Plans address whole child well-being, […]

I often train educational teams to start a new behavior plan for a student on a Monday, or better yet, a Monday after an extended break. The reason for this is that the change in physical environments creates an opening for doing something different. How we all act is so interconnected with the environments where […]

The Covid-19 pandemic has created new obstacles for special education leaders; undoubtedly, becoming one of the most overwhelming times in the profession’s history. Leaders are forced to rapidly develop or lean into specific leadership skills to generate success during a global pandemic. To support those endeavors, the DC Special Education Cooperative (Co-op) created the Special […]

“In preparing a presentation for the national CEC conference taking place next month, I am thinking a lot about the importance of family voice in planning for students with behavior challenges. I am remembering the countless times when including the perspectives and ideas of family members and caregivers in the process of conducting a Functional […]

On January 6, the Co-op’s secondary transition program, DC3C, began working with their inaugural class of Student Ambassadors.  Student Ambassadors are a selected group of high school juniors and seniors who completed at least two programs with us. In this program students will: Gain communication skills and improve their community advocacy and employment skills.  Apply […]

As schools plan for how students will return to school buildings after the long chapter of virtual learning, there are a lot of questions about the challenging behavior that students may exhibit. It is important for school leaders and educators to focus on the many aspects of a school environment that are within their control […]

DC3C is giving students an opportunity to earn $20 in gift cards by completing 4 hours of virtual Pre-ETS. With a capacity of 10 students in total, acceptance decisions will be made on a rolling basis, so please encourage students to sign up early. WHO: Students 14+ with a documented disability (IEP or 504)and attends a […]

We, the DC Special Education Cooperative, detest the violent insurrection that transpired in the US Capitol Complex this week. Plainly worded, we view these anti-democratic acts for what they are: domestic terrorism.  As a hub for teachers, school leaders, and charter staff that seek to improve educational outcomes for students with disabilities, we implore our […]

As virtual learning continues for so many, we want to make sure that educators have the evidence-based tools to support students with behavior challenges. We hope you find this helpful!