The Co-op’s vision is that all students with disabilities in the District of Columbia receive a rigorous, individualized, and inclusive education preparing them for post-secondary success. To make this vision a reality, we provide programs that help charter schools move from compliance to quality.

Our programs are aligned with our ELEVATE framework for High Quality Special Education and further our mission to cultivate professionals committed to the best outcomes for students with disabilities and bring together schools and community members to share ideas, leverage resources, and build capacity.

DC3C supports DC students as they explore careers, college, and community (the 3 “C”s!) to become college or career ready.

ELEVATE is the Co-op’s core program that enables charter schools to “elevate” their practices and provide high quality and compliant special education services for students with disabilities to improve student outcomes.

EXPLORE is the is the Co-op’s interactive traveling exhibit that promotes disability and inclusion awareness in schools.

INCLUDE DC is the Cooperative’s graduate level course for general education teachers working in inclusive charter school classrooms.

The Co-op helps LEAs seek Medicaid reimbursement for school-based health services provided to eligible students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).