School-Based Medicaid

Since 2006, the Co-op has helped DC charter schools recover more than $15 million in federal Medicaid dollars allocated to providing school-based health services.

our focus

Providing high quality special education services is expensive and although all public schools in DC receive special education funding, it is often not enough to cover the costs of services they provide. Medicaid is another funding source available to public schools, but accessing these funds is a challenge for charters. The reimbursement process is complex, and even larger charter districts struggle because they lack the internal capacity to navigate the regulations and complex technical requirements.

Focusing on efficiencies and compliance, the Co-op provides schools with comprehensive service and expertise to maximize Medicaid reimbursement. Many schools then reinvest these funds into additional staffing and program supports that help offer the best care for their students. When charters opt-in to our Medicaid program, they receive exceptional customer service and support as well as recommendations for improving overall special education compliance and service delivery.


Nearly two dozen DC schools access Medicaid funds with help from the Co-op. Among other benefits, schools working with us get assistance with:

  • DC Medicaid provider application guidance and support
  • Billing set-up and ongoing claim submission
  • Reporting and technical assistance
  • Cost reporting and annual audit preparation and support

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