The Co-op fills a unique community need in DC by acting as a hub for teachers, school leaders, and charter staff seeking to improve educational outcomes for students with disabilities.

Our Vision / Mission

All students with disabilities in the District of Columbia receive a rigorous, individualized, and inclusive education preparing them for post-secondary success.


programs and professionals committed to the best outcomes for students with disabilities.


by bringing together schools and community members to share ideas, leverage resources, and build capacity.


by offering programs and services that move schools from compliance to quality.


The Co-op was founded in 1998 by charter school leaders, teachers, special education experts, and local chartering authorities. Today, we remain a grassroots, cooperative organization governed by charter school and community representatives. This enables us to promote collaboration among schools, increase each school’s capacity to comply with special education laws and regulations, and drive high quality implementation of special education services for students. When charter schools think of special education, they think of the Co-op!

Our Logo has a Story

Before the Co-op had a formal visual identity, Executive Director Julie Camerta asked her students to draw their impression of what it would look like if two schools cooperated. One of Julie’s first grade students drew the logo that remains in use today.