Access programs and services that strengthen your special education program and support students with disabilities.


Through Co-op membership, our member schools are leveraging resources, sharing ideas, and building capacity to ELEVATE the quality of their special education programs.Co-op members have access to our programs and services, which allow for an array of benefits that support students with disabilities.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Annual conference
  • Access to listservs
  • Access to fee-for-service activities including: Medicaid billing, customized on-site training
  • Access to newsletters
  • Community of Practice for Special Education Leaders
  • Innovation projects
  • Network of special education experts
  • Professional development
  • Programs (DC3C, School-Based Medicaid, Demo Classrooms, Intervention District, ELEVATE)
  • Resume bank/job posting
  • Technical assistance
  • Web-based resources

Membership is open

Membership is open to all public charter schools in Washington, DC. Provisional membership is available for those in their planning year.

Our Programs