ELEVATE is the Co-op's core program that enables charter schools to "elevate" their practices.


The only data schools in DC have to consider when evaluating their special education programs is either compliance or achievement-based. While useful, this data alone will never move a school to quality – it lets schools know that something isn’t working, but not why or how to fix it. The Co-op’s ELEVATE program uses our Special Education Framework and a process that centers the voices of those who ensure that students with disabilities make progress – teachers and administrators – to create schools that are truly inclusive where students with disabilities thrive.

Program Activities

The Co-op’s ELEVATE program activities are designed to meet schools where they are, get the whole school on board, and leverage our network of practitioners to move schools forward. ELEVATE program activities include:

ELEVATE Needs Assessment

  • A 15-minute, web-based, valid and reliable special education program evaluation tool used to identify areas of strength and for improvement
  • A common language for identifying the practices that define a high quality special education program

Continuous Improvement Process

  • Deep dive using the interactive ELEVATE Data Dashboard, additional school data sets and artifacts, and staff interviews to identify root causes and potential solutions
  • A supported process that sets specific targets and plans for program improvement

Annual ELEVATE Conference

  • The Co-op’s conference leverages local expertise to highlight best practices for serving students with disabilities in DC schools.

Our Programs