ELEVATE is the Co-op’s core program that enables charter schools to “elevate” their practices and provide high quality and compliant special education services for students with disabilities to improve student outcomes.

A school-team focused on results and a common goal, with shared understanding of what makes a special education program great is key to success. ELEVATE gives teams a common language for identifying the practices that define a high quality special education program and a process to help them get there. ELEVATE’s strength is in the Co-op’s collaborative and flexible approach. We meet schools where they are, get the whole school on board, and leverage our network of practitioners to move schools forward.

Framework alignment

  • High Quality Instruction
  • Special Education Infrastructure
  • Continuum of Services
  • Leadership
  • Parent Engagement
  • Student Empowerment

ELEVATE Program Activities:

ELEVATE Needs Assessment:  The Co-op’s ELEVATE Needs Assessment is a 15-minute, web-based survey of instructional staff, a deep-dive into school-based data, and an action planning process for special education program improvement.

Demo Classroom Network: The Demo Classroom Network is the Co-op’s on-site learning program for educators who want to continually develop their impact on the students they serve.

Our first demo classroom visit is scheduled for June 15 at Inspired Teaching Demonstration School and will focus on co-teaching strategies. Find Out More Here