ELEVATE is the Co-op’s core program that enables charter schools to “elevate” their practices and provide high quality and compliant special education services for students with disabilities to improve student outcomes.

A school-team focused on results and a common goal, with shared understanding of what makes a special education program great is key to success. ELEVATE gives teams a common language for identifying the practices that define a high quality special education program and a process to help them get there. A key feature of ELEVATE is our special education needs assessment tool that assists schools in identifying strengths and areas for improvement within their special education programs based on the Co-op’s Quality Special Education Framework. Our Framework consists of 6 major components: High Quality Instruction; Special Education Infrastructure; Continuum of Services, Leadership; Parent Engagement; and Student Empowerment.

Framework alignment

  • High Quality Instruction
  • Special Education Infrastructure
  • Continuum of Services
  • Leadership
  • Parent Engagement
  • Student Empowerment

ELEVATE Program activities:

ELEVATE’s strength is in the Co-op’s collaborative and flexible approach. We meet schools where they are, get the whole school on board, and leverage our network of practitioners to move schools forward.

  • Needs Assessment: A survey of LEA staff that looks at the LEA’s implementation of high quality special education practices based on the Co-op’s Framework.
  • Report & Debrief:  detailed reporting and data debrief to identify areas for targeted improvement.
  • Deep Dive:  review of LEA data and Co-op recommendations
  • Action Planning & Implementation: the Co-op works with the LEA to develop an and implement an action plan.
  • Sustainability is built in from the beginning. The Co-op’s ongoing supports for members ensure LEAs can sustain high quality programs.