Meeting the Sensory Needs of Students

May 13, 2019 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Hosted by Two Rivers PCS

Two Rivers PCS, in collaboration with the Special Education Co-op and Conaboy and Associates, will be hosting a training on May 13 from 2-4 on Meeting the Sensory Needs of Students. We’ll hear from teachers and OTs about ways to meet needs of students across a continuum of classroomand school settings, and will tour Two Rivers’ new Sensory Rooms, created via a SEEF grant from OSSE.

Whether you have students with Autism, ADHD, students who have experienced trauma or have difficulties with self-regulation, creating tools and spaces within your classrooms and schools for self-regulation and sensory integration can transform your ability to effectively address student’s social-emotional needs.

This training will take place at our Two Rivers Young campus at 820 26th St, NE.

Trainingis appropriate for general ed teachers, special ed teachers, and school leaders

Learning Targets:

-Participants will understand how addressing sensory needs of students can improve both academic and social-emotional functioning

-Participants will learn a variety of strategies/tools to support students’ in learning how to self-regulate