Co-op’s DC3C Starts Students Ambassadors Program

On January 6, the Co-op’s secondary transition program, DC3C, began working with their inaugural class of Student Ambassadors. 

Student Ambassadors are a selected group of high school juniors and seniors who completed at least two programs with us. In this program students will:

  1. Gain communication skills and improve their community advocacy and employment skills. 
  2. Apply the communication skills they learn to work with partners across industries about the value of collaborating with youth and people with disabilities. 
  3. Create a peer mentoring program for 8th-10th graders.
  4. Apply their communication, self-awareness, and self-advocacy skills to being peer-mentors.
  5. Provide guidance and suggestions for current and future DC3C programming. 

“We wanted to provide students with more opportunities to develop their leadership skills, and to maximize their community impact,” said Director of Secondary Transition Rebecca Foster. “We wanted to give them a platform for their voice to shape DC3C and their community.”

You can learn about the members of the inaugural class on the DC3C Instagram. Moving forward, the program plans to expand to more students. 

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