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Co-op releases “Evidence Based Behavioral Supports” brief
1024 832 DC Special Education Cooperative

As virtual learning continues for so many, we want to make sure that educators…

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Co-op Special Education Advocate Spotlight: Raymond Weeden
300 300 DC Special Education Cooperative

Why did you accept the role to serve on our board? Early in my…

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DC3C 2020 Summer Internship Infographic
1024 768 DC Special Education Cooperative

Our intern program placed students from across many grade levels. See the full infographic…

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New Year, New Behavior
1024 681 DC Special Education Cooperative

Do you wish to see more positive behavior from students in the New Year? The return from an extended break from school is a prime time to begin anew. Any break in patterns of behavior is a chance to set a new, revised approach.

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Medicaid Reimbursement in DC Charter Schools
509 339 DC Special Education Cooperative

Providing high quality special education services is expensive.  All public schools in DC receive “special education add-on” funding, but it is often not enough to cover the costs of services they provide.

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