Include DC

INCLUDE DC is the Co-op’s graduate level course for general education teachers working in inclusive charter school classrooms.

This course, designed and taught by Co-op staff, emphasizes a proactive approach to instructional design and planning for diverse student learners. Participants use the history and evolution of special education regulation and foundations of child development as a background for understanding why careful, purposeful, and proactive instructional design are essential components of a successfully inclusive classroom at any grade level.

Framework alignment

  • High Quality Instruction
  • Continuum of Services

INCLUDE DC aims to increase general education teachers’ knowledge and use of instructional strategies to modify, adapt, and individualize instruction leading to increased access to the core curriculum and improved student outcomes.


As federal mandates continue to emphasize the provision of a free and appropriate public education to students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment, ALL educators must be prepared with the knowledge and tools needed to successfully educate exceptional learners.. Recent data shows that roughly 43 percent of DC students with disabilities spend 80 percent or more of their instructional time in the general education setting[1]. As students with disabilities spend more instructional time in the general education classroom, general education teachers need the skills to provide instruction that meets the needs of these students to prepare them to be college and career ready.

INCLUDE DC Program activities:

  • Semester-long cohorts in Early Childhood and Elem/Secondary with coaching
  • On-demand PD via webinar
  • Option to earn 3 graduate credits through our partnership with Trinity University

“Initially, I took this class because I needed the credit, being a veteran teacher, so I really didn’t think that there was anything that I would learn that would be different, or anything I didn’t know. But, coming out of this class, I definitely found out that there is a whole lot that I didn’t know. Coming away from this class, I believe it’s necessary for myself and my team to collaborate more with our special education teacher. I think it is necessary, especially for general education teachers. You can’t wait for students to be pulled out. It was good for me to take this class, for it to foster all of that [in] me.”

– 2014 cohort participant Tiffany Starke

[1] OSSE – Child Count – Comparative Data Summary 2009 – 2012.v.5.2013