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Do you want to become a leader and engage in more opportunities in your community? Then Becoming is for you. Over 6-weeks in January and February 2022, selected students will participate in a paid or volunteer work opportunity while practicing their advocacy and leadership skills. Becoming is ideal for students who are motivated to impact others and create positive change in their communities.

Are you interested in learning more about different careers? If so, then Career Preparation Program (CPP) is for you. Over 6-weeks between March and April 2022, selected students will participate in a paid or volunteer work opportunity.  Topics will focus on job exploration based on students’ strengths and interests, local in-demand industries, and career pathways. CPP is ideal for students exploring career options or seeking employment in a specific field.

Did you know there are low-cost and free job training programs in DC? Did you know by completing these programs, you can earn a job certification to enter the workforce? On Thursday, December 2, 2021, students across DC are invited to attend our 100% virtual DC3C Next Steps Career Exploration Conference to learn about educational pathways available for future jobs. Next Steps is ideal for students who are exploring possible opportunities after high school.

Do you want to build your skills for the workplace? Join us at virtual sessions throughout the SY 2021-2022 school year.  DC3C will work with your teachers to find the best time for you to participate. Students who are consistently and meaningfully engaged in these sessions will have the opportunity to earn gift cards. School-Based Transition is ideal for students who can only participate during school hours or cannot commit to an entire 6-week program.

Do you need to build your resume? You can gain more experience by participating in our Career Obtainment program. Students who complete this program will obtain an industry-recognized entry-level certification, all while earning a paycheck or volunteer hours. Students will take the industry course under DC3C supervision between April and June 2022, refine their interviewing skills, and polish their resumes. At the end of the program, selected students will be invited to participate in an interview fair to market their skills to prospective employers. Career Obtainment is ideal for students who are juniors and seniors and can work independently in the community.

Young people with disabilities, especially those who identify as Black or Latinx, encounter many challenges and barriers to participating in society in general and employment in specific.

  • In Washington, DC over 90% of students with disabilities are Black/African American
  • The graduation rate for students with disabilities is just 51%
  • In 2020, 17.9 percent of persons with a disability were employed (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Social justice is very important for students with disabilities. We cannot ignore the importance of considering identity, what it means to my community, society, and the world. Students will go through programming that focuses on identity, the intersectionality of race and disability, community, and advocating for themselves, their community, and the world. Students will participate in The Good Trouble Social Justice Institute during Spring 2022 that will emphasize knowledge building on social justice and identity, working together, and applying what was learned into a meaningful mini-project. Through the pathways of Unlearning, Healing, and Growth, these students with disabilities will ultimately develop a comprehensive project that tackles unjust issue areas within their communities.

More details about The Good Trouble Social Justice Institute will be shared in November 2021.

Eligibility and Sign Up

Students are eligible to participate in our programming if:

  1. They are between the ages of 14-21
  2. They are enrolled in a DC Public Charter high school* 
  3. They are connected to RSA (DC3C and school staff can assist with completing the RSA application and/or the RSA Pre-ETS form)

*For the Next Steps Career Exploration Conference, enrolled students from ALL DC high schools (DCPS, Private, Non-Public, and Charter) are eligible to attend. 

Student Testimonial

“DC3C teaches you the stuff that equips you for any [career] situation you walk into.”

Additional Notes and Materials

If a student is trying to earn payment for participating in Becoming, CPP, or Career Obtainment, they must have: 

  • A photo ID (18+)
  • A photo ID OR School Record (under 18)
  • Social Security Card
  • Direct Deposit Form from their bank that has BOTH routing and account number

RSA Referral (Spanish)

RSA Pre-ETS (Spanish)

RSA Referral (English)

RSA Pre-ETS (English)

If you have questions, please reach out to us at