Tools to ELEVATE Your Special Education Program

150 150 DC Special Education Cooperative

The Co-op’s ELEVATE program is designed to equip schools with the tools to provide a high quality special education program. High quality special education starts with high quality instruction! Having high quality instruction requires ongoing administrative support. It is essential for administrators to position themselves to provide frequent and useful feedback to all instructional staff.

Before educators can effectively provide delivery of high quality differentiated content to students, they must first create and maintain classroom environments that facilitate seamless execution of differentiated lessons. To make sure classrooms are prepared, administrators can use observational tools that assess the instructional environment for “differentiation readiness”.

The Learning Environment Checklist released by the Council for Exceptional Children provides an easy checklist to assess teacher readiness for effective implementation and execution of differentiated lessons. Administrators can use this checklist to provide clear feedback on areas of strength and weakness and support teachers by coaching them toward ELEVATING their instructional environments and improving their instructional practices.

We encourage all administrators to remember the following when observing and providing feedback to instructional staff: highlight areas of strength, be honest about weakness, and follow every critique with a concrete, realistic, and implementable strategy.