Co-op “Graduates” first cohort of INCLUDE DC

150 150 DC Special Education Cooperative

include_cohort_5.9.13On May 9, 2013, the D.C. Special Education Co-operative (“the Co-operative”) graduated the inaugural cohort of the INCLUDE DC program, a 3-credit graduate course in special education for classroom teachers working in inclusive DC charter schools.

“The INCLUDE DC course was designed to give teachers the specialized training necessary to accommodate students with disabilities in general education classrooms,” said Monica Lesperance, Deputy Director of the Co-operative and one of INCLUDE’s instructors. “Too often teachers are expected to differentiate lessons for students with disabilities without any formal training in special education. We designed INCLUDE DC to fill that void.”

The INCLUDE DC program provides an affordable option for teachers who want to learn more about special education and refine their teaching practices to be more effective for all students.

The Co-operative is now accepting applications for the next cohort which begins in February 2014. We are thrilled to announce that our Spring 2014 cohort will receive substantial scholarships thanks to a generous grant from Fight for Children. Read more about INCLUDE.