The Co-operative Launches ASSIST DC program

150 150 DC Special Education Cooperative

In response to the District of Columbia’s growing charter school movement, children with disabilities attending DC Charter schools, and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act’s (IDEA) mandate to provide children with disabilities free and appropriate education (FAPE) in least restrictive environments (LREs) the DC Special Education Co-operative has been charged by its 26 member LEAs to find innovative practices. A recent study conducted by the Co-operative, and commissioned by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), revealed that 96% of responding charter schools serve the majority of their students with disabilities using inclusion models.  Because charter schools provide more special education services in the general education classroom, well trained instructional assistants are in high demand. With certified educational assistants, trained in behavior management and classroom accommodations, charter schools will be better able to provide high quality special education services (at reasonable cost) in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).

WHAT: Special Education Assistant Certificate Program (12 graduate level credits)
WHEN: August 2010 with a completion date of December 15, 2010
WHO: 10-15 students (holding a BA – those without a BA can register, but will receive seat hours instead of graduate credit)
COST: approx $2500 per student
PARTNERS: Catholic University, LEAs

For more information, contact Julie Camerata.