Co-op Holds July 1 Demo Classroom on Universal Design Learning

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WASHINGTON DC (June 23, 2020 — Press Release) — DC Special Education Cooperative in partnership with Bridges Public Charter School is hosting its second in a series of demonstration classrooms July 1. The demo classroom showcases the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) teaching methodology, and is designed collaboratively between the Co-op and Bridges educational staff.

This classroom is a dynamic learning environment where proven UDL strategies are introduced and taught in an environment to not only benefit students with varying learning needs, but enhance and encourage professional development among educators.

“Our demo classroom program is one of the most exciting initiatives we have launched here at the Co-op,” said Julie Camerata, Executive Director of the organization. “We see it as an opportunity to connect with educators at a personal, one-on-one level to open up an unlimited number of possibilities for excellence in student learning outcomes.”

DC Special Education Cooperative fills a unique community need by acting as a hub for teachers, school leaders and staff seeking to improve educational outcomes for students with disabilities.

Bridges PCS is excited to host the first demo classroom which aligns with their vision-that improving education for the most vulnerable populations improves education for all students. Hosting the first-ever demo classroom is an additional sense of pride for Smith and her staff as the school looks to expand its use of UDL across its classroom structure.

“Having a model UDL classroom in our building for our other teachers to observe and  see in action will be really helpful in the work of expanding the use of UDL to the larger school program,” she said.

The Co-op will be launching other demo classrooms across the DC Charter School landscape to shed light on other learning and teaching methods proven to improve educational outcomes for DC students. Its first demo classroom, held in June, focused on co-teaching practices. The recording and other valuable tools can be found here.


While our demo classroom is not open to visiting media due to Covid-19 concerns, we are pleased to make Julie Camerata available for interviews to talk through our demo classroom program and its goals. Please contact her at to arrange an interview.