DC3C 2020 Summer Internship Infographic

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Our intern program placed students from across many grade levels. See the full infographic here

School districts closed in spring of 2020 in response to the coronavirus pandemic and quickly forced students to transition to remote learning. Transitioning into summer, as programs adopted the remote learning posture, DC3C saw that it was imperative to create a safe space for students with disabilities while strengthening their skills to work remotely. 

The DC3C Summer Internship program reached 43 black and brown students in all four quadrants and from six out of the eight wards within the District of Columbia. Additionally, DC3C relied on the help of several community partners, including several black -owned businesses to assist in providing resources for the students. 

Interns received direct instruction on soft-skills necessary for a remote workplace, and also technical training in conducting interviews and creating Instagram posts. In addition to Covid-19 related support, students were paid for 14 hours/week of work and their products will be featured on our social media and website.

Here is an infographic with the full breakdown of the program.