Co-op Holds First Virtual Demo Classroom on Evidence Based Interventions September 22

150 150 DC Special Education Cooperative

WASHINGTON DC (September 14, 2020 — Press Release) — DC Special Education Cooperative  is hosting its third in a series of demonstration classrooms, and the first virtual one, on September 22. The virtual demo classroom explores Evidence-Based Academic Interventions.

Many students with disabilities require intensive support in reading, writing, and math in addition to accommodations in the general education classroom. Evidence-based interventions are based in research, have proven track records, and are designed to be delivered in specific ways to ensure fidelity.

In this model, students who are 2 or more levels below their same aged peers are receiving interventions outside of the general education classroom. 

Demonstration classrooms (“demos”) are an in-house professional development model. These classrooms give teachers access to high-quality models where they can observe instructional practices in real-time with an opportunity to debrief what they saw and discuss how they can incorporate the practices into their own classrooms.

The Co-op is building a network of demos across the District of Columbia, each highlighting an evidence-based practice, serving as models for schools striving to improve outcomes for students with disabilities. 


 We are pleased to make Julie Camerata available for interviews to talk through our demo classroom program and its goals. Please contact her at to arrange an interview.