Meagan Alderton Bio

Program Quality Specialist

Meagan Alderton is the Co-op’s Director of Education Innovation and Improvement.  In her role at the Co-op and work with LEA leaders, Meagan emphasizes practical and data driven approaches to improving outcomes for all students. Meagan’s experience in the education sector spans many roles – teacher, parent, program director, adjunct instructor, and most recently a member of the Alexandria City School Board.

Meagan was first elected to the Alexandria, VA School Board in 2018, and is the second African American female to be elected to the role of Board Chair in the history of Alexandria City Public Schools, following in the footsteps of Shirley Tyler. She served as Board Chair from 2021-2023. While on the School Board, Meagan has served on the Superintendent’s Evaluation Committee, to help develop the superintendent evaluation tool and process, as well as on the Educational Design Team for the Connected High School Network. She co-drafted legislation approved by the Virginia General Assembly to bolster pre-licensure preparation for teachers in the areas of crisis prevention and positive behavioral interventions and supports. 

Meagan led  the Alexandria City School Board during the COVID-19 pandemic, working with staff, teachers and community stakeholders through various transitions in the instructional format, including the shift to virtual learning and the process to safely reopen school facilities. All of Meagan’s work is driven by her deep commitment to marginalized students and her belief that with the right mindset, educational leaders can realize transformational change. Meagan holds a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Towson University and a Bachelor of Honors in Communications and Women’s Studies from York University in Ontario Canada.