James Eric Call Bio

School-Based Medicaid Program Specialist

Eric Call is a Medicaid Specialist for the Co-op with more than seven years of experience as the contract administrator of multiple state implementations and more than 13 years of special education and health policy and program experience. Mr. Call has managed staff, resources, and timelines to track and improve the documentation and data collection for students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and health-related services in the District of Columbia and several states across the country. With the Co-op, he works with our partner schools to recover federal dollars through direct service claiming and optimization efforts while ensuring compliant claims and accurate data.

Prior to his time with the Co-op, Mr. Call supported the school-based skills program for dozens of districts across several states and oversaw Time Study activities for three states with Public Consulting Group (PCG). He also led the project teams supporting PCG’s EasyIEP system (Web-based Individual Education Plan software known as SEDS in Washington, D.C.) for D.C., Utah, and charter schools elsewhere across the country. Before that Mr. Call directed the creation of an award-winning online curriculum development platform and implementing it in school districts and charter schools. He earned a Master’s in Public Administration degree from the University of North Florida and a Bachelor of Arts in History degree from Brigham Young University—Hawaii.