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Read & share the stories parents and educators are sharing with us. Laugh a little, share the frustrations or get inspired by how those within your community are dealing with distance learning.

Adison & Madison, Age: 12
Sample School
OK. Distance Learning has posed some challenges. Now I understand a little more about what our teachers go through when fighting with students and Read More their lessons — especially in the age of cell phones. So, thanks to Amazon, I purchased a cell-phone jail and we lock the phones up during school hours. It was either them or me.
Sam, Age: 8
Any School USA
While it is quite different than what we are used to, being this involved in my child’s school work has turned into a family activity. It is really Read More exciting to see how much he can learn when my husband and I focus on it with him. It also has made me appreciate what our teachers do for us on a daily basis.
Douglas, Age: 10
Any School
Well, having so much time at school has finally taken its toll. I’m now allowing my children to write on the walls. … Well, since we wanted some Read More larger spaces to work on drawings and at-home educational projects, we painted a wall in my son’s room with chalk paint. He is studying space in his online science lessons and it has made it more fun for him as he shows us what he is learning about.
Lyla and Harris, Age: 7, 5
Any School USA
Some days are better than others, but during today’s lessons, my son and daughter started working together on their work. It was really encouraging to Read More see my son help his sister and I joined in while on a quick work break to see what they were studying. I’ve never been a math person but he was able to help her understand in a way that I haven’t been able to. Today, I am thankful for my kids who want to learn together.