Distance Learning FAQs


Special Education looks much different now than it did a year ago. While we encourage you to engage with school leadership and educators, we have combined the following list of Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can IEP teams meet remotely by videoconference or telephone?
A: Yes. Federal law has always allowed families and schools to agree on having remote IEP team meetings. This is important now that states and schools are discouraging in-person gatherings.
Q: Where can I find a list of books my special needs student can while distance learning?
A:” target=”_blank”>But the site Bookshare has more than 600,000 books for those with reading barriers. Give it a try.
Q: How important is it to give my kids a break from the screen and get outside?
A: Very. Children are missing recess and many opportunities for movement that they regularly receive in school. Many sources are recommending daily outdoor time for everyone, children and adults. Here Is a Resource
Q: How do I make my kids do their work while at home?
A: Set up basic schedules, noting when it is time to work, and play, eat, etc. Make deals with them. Establish simple conditions, such as if you complete “X” amount of work, you can take a break to do “Y”. Here is a Great Resource!
Q: How are IEPs affected by school closures & distance learning?
A: Here in DC, DCPS and each charter school is its own local education authority (LEA) and are all making their own decisions about how to implement IEPs during this time. You can learn more about each LEA’s distance learning plan on the DC Public Charter School Board’s website. If you have concerns about how your child’s IEP services are being delivered, it is important that you contact your school’s special education director.
Q: Is IDEA still in affect during Distance Learning?
A: YES, “free and appropriate public education” is still the law of the land. While how services are delivered during distance learning, the federal government says “The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or IDEA” is still a part of the public education mandate. Here is a good article from the Washington Post discussing the Federal Government’s position in IDEA during Covid-19 closures.