DC Special Education Cooperative’s email discussion group guidelines

The Co-op hosts several email discussion groups for staff at our member schools. The purpose of each group is to provide a place to share resources and ideas, ask questions, and get feedback from peers across our member schools. Any discussion topics related to the role of the group participants/special education are welcome. Only Co-op member schools may participate in the groups using their school email address. Sign up here.

Check out the groups below:

  • The SEC list ( This is an email discussion group for Special Education Coordinators/Directors, or those filling the SEC role at their charter school. This is not a group for principals, school leaders, or teachers (unless they are also acting as the SEC).
  • The SLP list ( This is an email discussion group for speech-language pathologists.
  • The Behavior Support list ( This is an email discussion group for psychologists, social workers, and counselors supporting student behavior and mental health.
  • The Dean’s list ( This is an email discussion group for Deans of students.
  • The Math PLC list ( This is an email discussion group for SOAR/SEEF teachers, coaches, interventionists and school leaders implementing TouchMath as a Math Intervention

Once you have been added to the list, use the email above to reach all group members.  When replying to a post, “reply all” will go to all group members and “reply” only to the original sender.

We want all members to feel comfortable asking questions and giving suggestions and ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • All discussions should be kept confidential. While you should feel free to share information with colleagues at your school, please do not forward any of the emails outside of the group. Of course, keep in mind that anything you post could potentially find its way out into the world, so be thoughtful about what you choose to share. If you have a question you aren’t comfortable asking openly, feel free to send it to and we will post it anonymously for you.
  • When asking about a student, always maintain confidentiality. Do not use names or any other potentially identifying information. The emails are not moderated and we can’t delete anything once it’s been sent.
  • When responding to a message, please “reply all” so everyone can see your response.
  • Promotion or advertising of any group member’s personal products or services (PD/consulting not offered through their LEA, etc.), fundraising, and events unrelated to the work of the group are not allowed.
  • Understand that all the advice and opinions given here are just that – advice and opinions! So feel free to disagree, but please do so respectfully. Keep in mind that while these lists are monitored, they are not moderated. Although we have many experienced special ed professionals on this list, due diligence and decision-making are always the responsibility of the individual LEA.

We look forward to collaborating with you!