Now is the Best Time to Reset School Culture
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by Meghan Mulvenna I often train educational teams to start a new behavior plan…

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Including Family Voice in Planning
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From our Behavioral Specialist Meghan Mulvenna: “In preparing a presentation for the national CEC…

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Co-op’s DC3C Starts Students Ambassadors Program
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On January 6, the Co-op’s secondary transition program, DC3C, began working with their inaugural…

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The Impending Transition Back to the Halls of Schools
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As schools plan for how students will return to school buildings after the long…

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Co-op releases “Behavioral Supports During Remote Learning” brief
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As virtual learning continues for so many, we want to make sure that educators have the evidence-based tools to support students with behavior challenges. We hope you find this helpful!

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Co-op Special Education Advocate Spotlight: Raymond Weeden
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Learn more about Raymond Weeden, Co-op board member and the executive director of Thurgood Marshall Academy as we have a question and answer with him.

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DC3C 2020 Summer Internship Infographic
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Our 2020 intern program placed students from across many grade levels. Learn more and see our full infographic!

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