Secondary Transition


The Co-op’s goal is for all students with disabilities to be career and/or college ready. We achieve this through our DC3C program.  DC3C supports DC students as they explore careers, college, and community (the 3 “C”s!)  Activities range from compliance support to professional development to direct service programming for students.

DC3C’s work is essential. Data shows that 54% of DC’s students with disabilities are neither enrolled in any type of post-secondary education nor employed one year after graduation.  We believe that it is never too early to start and these students need multiple and various ways in which to explore the world of work.

DC3C Program activities include:

  • Professional Development and Webinar
  • Compliance Reviews
  • Facilitating Collaboration Between Schools and City Agencies
  • Parent Trainings
  • Direct Service Programming for Students:
    • Spring Break
      Spring Break is a week-long job-readiness training program for students.
    • Next Steps
      Next Steps is a series of activities where students can explore post-secondary options including college, vocational training, and community resources for life after graduation.