Medicaid Billing

Charter schools that become Medicaid providers can be reimbursed for related services they provide to eligible students with IEPs.

The amount of reimbursement an LEA receives varies greatly. LEAs can seek reimbursement for related services provided to students who have an IEP, are eligible for and enrolled in Medicaid, and have medically necessary related services on his/her IEP, such as speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy and/or counseling.

Read our Medicaid FAQ for Charters and our article, Medicaid Reimbursement in DC Charters for a history of the Co-op’s work around Medicaid.

The Cooperative’s Medicaid Billing Services

The Co-op is the expert when it comes to school-based Medicaid and DC charter schools. We help member charter schools who are interested in becoming Medicaid providers or setting up billing. Our services include:

  • Application support – technical assistance for submitting a DC Medicaid provider application (included in Co-operative Membership)
  • Comprehensive billing services (fee-based, contact us for details)

For more details, contact Monica Lesperance, Deputy Director,

More information about Medicaid requirements for LEAs: