Programs & Services

In addition to our member benefits, the Co-op provides programs and services for charter schools to move from compliance to quality.

Programs & Initiatives

Through our special programs, partnerships, and initiatives, the Co-op seeks to engage charter school practitioners and promote best practices for serving students with disabilities.

Current programs include:

Professional Development and Training

All charter school staff need a basic understanding of special education and the tools to help them work effectively with students with disabilities.  The Co-op provides professional development and training for special education teachers, general education teachers, para-professionals, school leaders, board members, and special education program directors/coordinators.

Consulting Services for Compliance and Program Quality

The Co-op’s Compliance and Program Quality services help Charter schools design and implement high quality Special education programs.

Medicaid Billing

The Co-op helps Member Charter Schools access Medicaid funds for the related services they provide to their Medicaid eligible students with IEPs.

Secondary Transition

The Co-op, in partnership with DC’s Rehabilitation Services Administration provides technical assistance and training to DC charter schools serving students ages 16-22.