About Us

The Co-op fills a unique community need in DC by working with teachers, school leaders, and across charter schools to improve educational services for students with disabilities. By pooling resources between independent charter schools, the Co-op also acts as a “hub” for charters spread throughout the city serving a diverse range of students.  We provide services in four activity areas:

  • Technical Assistance to schools through information sharing (newsletters, a helpline, and online tools), staff mentoring, and strategic planning;
  • Professional Development & Training for special and general educators on program development, staffing, legal and regulatory issues, and parent communication;
  • Administrative Services such as securing Medicaid reimbursements for student needs;
  • Advocacy & Collaboration at the state and local level, across schools, families and the community through meetings and public forums.

Annual Reports

Annual Report FY17

Annual Report FY16

Annual Report FY15

Annual Report FY14

Members say…

“When schools cooperate, we learn how to build capacity as we educate the city’s future.” Wanda Gregory, Director of Student Support Services, Capital City PCS

“I love the Co-op because I get answers to all my questions!” Laura Lorenzen, Director of Special Education, Two Rivers PCS